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  1. Parts for sale
    have a practically NEW set of TSL Boggers for sale. 44X18X16.5. Have 2 trails rides on them with very little usage. Never been cut on. I need to downsize due to axle ratios. My loss is your gain. This is TIRES only! These are $750+. In excellent shape! $2350 with no shipping. I live in...
  2. Completed Sales
    **SOLD** All Super Swamper TSL 36X12.50-15LT of different varieties (Radial, Bias, SX, New). I can bring tires with me to Bundy Hill on Sunday if anyone is interested out that way. Tires are currently located in Plymouth. Tire 1 - Super Swamper TSL Bias Ply 36X12.50-15LT - Good condition...
  3. Completed Sales
    I have 2) 34x10.50x16 Swamper tsl's...they are brand new I payed 275 for them and I'd like to see 150 back out of them, i like trades worst I can say is no... 989-657-9341 2nd and 4th ones.
  4. Wanted
    I am looking for 38 on up tires, prolly 15's but will entertain anything, I have the Toyota/Chevy big hub if they have rims with them. I may have something on partial or full thread, if not I'll buy outright, 2 New Swamper 34x10.5x16's, they haven't seen pavement, Then I have 2 brand new...
  5. Parts for sale
    Its a long shot but I am looking for 2: 34x9.50-15's gotta be in good shape, mine are brand new with 0 miles on them. (2&4 are the 10.50's) Basically just want 2 to match, so either I need two 10.50x16, or two 9.50x15's Or I will trade all 4 for 38-40 swampers. 989-657-9341 names Justin.
  6. Completed Sales
    I have a set of four 33-13-16 TSLs on 8-lug obs (IFS) Chevy rims. 3 have great tread and one needs replaced (missing some lugs) but would make a decent trail spare I think. I didn't see any cracks or dry rot. $400 or trade Things I'll trade for: Jeep stuff (YJ); I need a nice pair of full...
  7. Completed Sales
    I have a brand new Super Swamper 33x10.5x15. It is mounted on a back steel wheel. Asking $150.00 obo. I can send pics just hit me up. Thanks for looking.
  8. Parts for sale
    TSL super swammpers 4 Brand NEW STILL HAVE STICKERS ON THEM!! 29x8.50x15LT $300.00 my lost your gain!! I dont know how to Put the pics on here. But can email or text.. Just let me know and i can send pics...
  9. Completed Sales
    *SOLD* Have a set of 4) TSL's that I'm looking to get rid of. All tires hold air. Fronts are balanced with 11oz of airsoft bb's and the rears are balanced with lead weights (no clue how) Tread is 1/2" deep. Fronts have slight cupping. Still lots of life left. Tires aren't perfect by any means...
  10. Completed Sales
    4 very good 38.5x16-15 tsl swampers 3 tires 80% 1 tire ia about 70-75% with a small chunk of rubber gone near bead! still holds air fine with no problems though 650.00 takes them or trade for nice set of 35's (radial preferred) but I will consider others!! thanks Ryan p.s. yes i had these...
  11. Completed Sales
    4 very good 38.5x16-15 tsl swampers 3 tires 80% 1 tire ia about 70-75% with a small chunk of rubber gone near bead! still holds air fine with no problems though 600 cash takes them!! :rock: possible trade for really nice 33's
  12. Ebay / Craigslist / Auction Links
    This is an insane deal -
  13. Wanted
    Looking for a 37x12.50 R1 16LT Swamper Radial. 40% tread would be fine (to match the other 3).
  14. Wanted
    I have a complete set of 4 44" TSL Boggers. They were grooved to entirely remove the smaller lugs. Almost 17lbs of lugs were removed from each tire alone. They will come mounted on 16.5x16 custom prosessional made chrome wheels. The chrome wheels have some minor pitting and one is missing...
  15. Completed Sales
    I've got a pair (2) of the above mentioned tires in excellent shape. 95% tread with no dry rot. You can see in the pic that the quarter all but disappears in the tread. I bought them off the board with the intension of using them on the front of my jeep and came across a good deal on a...
1-15 of 15 Results