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  1. pole barn builders on the west side?

    The Pub
    Looking to build a 30x30 gambrel style roof barn this spring.....anyone want to quote it?
  2. Adopting a dog

    The Pub
    I am looking to adopt a dog (bully/mastiff/boxer type mix breed). We lost our dog this week(hit ny a car) and cant stand a house without a dog....anyone have any leads?
  3. the family wheeler/dd

    Rig Builds and Pics
    Not much of a build, its set up close to what i want. 3.5 terra flex lift 35" mtr's....spare is a bfg crawler (would like to find a matching spare warren winch After market ft bumper I need a rear bumper/tire carrier, the stock spot on the door isnt liking the 35 hanging from it. Here is a...
  4. superchips 03-07 powerstroke part#1805 $50

    Parts for sale
    Just like the title says, dont need it.....father in law bought it for me and didnt realize it was for a diesel. $50 obo
  5. hand held cb's

    Parts for sale
    I have 2 that plug into the lighter, both come in a nice plastic case. $20 each
  6. ummm ok

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  7. snake trys to steal fish

    The Pub
    My lil girl went fishing....when she cought a fish a snake jumped up and tried to steal it...
  8. TREC racer 359

    Rig Builds and Pics
    I needed something better on my back than the jeep, and might try a little TREC racing, so i found a built rhino to see if it works lol. I bought it in California threw lots of emails pics vids and background checks and ended up with a sweet ride for a sweet price. enough talk time for the list...