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  1. 46re from 1998 Grand Cherokee 5.2

    Parts for sale
    As title says, 46re from a 1998 Grand Cherokee with a 5.2. Was shifting fine, no issues. We bought for a swap and no longer need it. Approx 140,000 miles. $125.00
  2. Misc Jeep Part(s) AX5 with 110K miles

    Parts for sale
    Out of a 1994 wrangler. It has the external slave. I have a new clutch plate and throwout bearing to go with it. I drove it, it is solid. Asking 250 obo.
  3. Jeep YJ AX-15 - SOLD

    Completed Sales
    Recently rebuilt external slave AX-15 transmission from 1994 Jeep YJ. Vehicle has 169k miles and transmission was rebuilt about 8000 miles ago. New external master and slave cylinders included as well as clutch kit that was replaced with the rebuild. - Sold I also have a spare external slave...
  4. ISO: NV4500 and NP241HD

    Hello, currently searching for a NV4500 Tranny and NP241 HD transfer case out of a dodge diesel. Bolting it up to a Dodge 4BT.
  5. AW4 transmission with 231J transfer case, 100.00

    Parts for sale
    i have a transmission and transfercase, i beleive was out of a Cherokee. bought it from a salvage yard for a project that is long gone. AW4 and 231J 100.00 in Bridgeport pics tomorrow 989-372-2002
  6. 2007 Silverado Transmission Hard Shift

    Chevy Tech
    Hi all, Ive been having trouble with the transmission in my 2007 NBS Silverado 1500. It bangs into gear, it doesn't matter if I drive slowly or quickly. It does it at complete random. I have changed the fluid and filter in hopes of this fixing the problem but no luck. Any help appreciated, Thank you
  7. Rebuild jeep jasper trans

    Parts for sale
    The trans is out of a 2000 grand Cherokee. The motor blew an I scraped the rest, was going to use the transmission in my Yj but decided to put a 5.3L in instead. The transmission is good, it's a rebuild jasper trans with about 45,000 miles on I think. Maybe 50. It's a 4sp auto with the...
  8. 2000 Jeep transmission rebuild by jasper

    Parts for sale
    The trans is out of a 2000 grand Cherokee. The motor blew an I scraped the rest, was going to use the transmission in my other jeep but decided to put a 5.3L in instead. The transmission is good, it's a rebuild jasper trans with about 45,000 miles on I think. Maybe 50. It's a 4sp auto with the...
  9. ***SOLD***(2) 4.0L ENGINES & 30-43LE Automatic TRANSMISSION

    Completed Sales
    1990 Jeep XJ 4.0 motor was in working order when pulled still rolls over. Missing throttle body. $100.00 1990 Jeep XJ 4.0 motor is not working and is not turning over. $75.00 1990 Jeep XJ Automatic Transmission 30-43LE in working order no issues. $200 CONTACT MIKE @ 231-740-7765 PREFERRED METHOD...
  10. ***SOLD***2.5L ENGINE w/AX5 TRANSMISSION $450

    Completed Sales
    1992 Jeep Wrangler 2.5L drive line 143,000. Motor run’s great, transmission works great shifts in all gears, and Transfer case is in working order. Includes 5 speed transmission AX5 Dana 231 Transfer case CONTACT JASON @ 231-578-9134
  11. T-176/Frame Repair - FOUND T176

    Completed Sales
    I may or may not have had a beer (or six :beerbang: ) and decided to dump the clutch in my '80 CJ7 while in reverse. That said, I'm looking for a t176 trans as I'm pretty sure that's what in it, haven't had the time to start tearing down because I've been busy sulking. :chauncy: Also a solid YJ...
  12. 99 ranger trans issue. in the middle of it. HURRY!

    Ford Tech
    so I have a 99 ranger xlt 2wd ext cab auto trans 3.0 engine putting a different trans in the truck. TC went in transmission first and clicked in 2 times. put trans up to engine...everything lined up... put 1 bolt on either side of trans. ( where the alignment pins are on the block) i turn...
  13. 99 ranger

    General Tech
    so I need to replace the auto trans in my 99 ranger 3.0. I know that it has the 4r44e in it... what other year trucks have this exact transmission in it? I found a 97 a guy is parting out that has a 3.0 and automatic trans.... how do I know if it is a 4r44e? and can someone give me a list...
  14. 99 ranger transmission problem

    Ford Tech
    i blew the motor in 99 ranger. 3.0 2wd auto trans. replaced the motor with newer one. now motor is 2001. used my original trans first and something brass broke so I got another trans trans is now a 2000. new trans IS good truck starts right up and runs awesome when you put it in gear it...
  15. NV3550 or AX15

    Looking for a new transmission for my TJ. Would prefer the NV3550, but if the price is right for an AX15 I'd jump on that as well. I would also consider a package deal for a 4.0 connected to one of the above transmissions. :beer: Thanks! :beer:
  16. Misc Jeep Part(s) inline 6 4.0 liter jeep motor and transmission

    Parts for sale
    this motor came as a package deal when i bought my xj. I know absolutely nothing about the motor other than I was TOLD it has 70000 miles on it and came out of a rolled jeep and it ran great when it came out of it. I was going to use it but ive decided to go another route $500 obo. I will...
  17. Is My Clutch Bad?

    Jeep Tech
    Question jeepers! I have a 97' TJ and I think my clutch just went out on me today! Its really hard to push in and feels like theres a lot of resistance. I checked the fluid and its full and the cable appears ok, its not broken. Do you think it could be the clutch plate? And how can you tell...
  18. 4 core radaitor, 700r4 4x4 trans, trans cooler

    Parts for sale
    Have a 700r4 4x4 trans- 200 obo Trans cooler - 20 Radiator- 50 Have more laying around ill post when i figure out what all i have Txt 7345454864 -jared
  19. Misc Jeep Part(s) aw4 (30-40le)

    Parts for sale
    Got an aw4 (30-40le) with a gc i bought but it needs a 42re i have what appears to be a working aw4 from a cherokee or gc but not sure if its odbI or odbII also has the transfercase attached yet, anyone looking for and aw4 can contact me and if you know how to tell if the trans is pre '96 (odbI)...
  20. 2.5 motor & Auto transmission

    Parts for sale
    For sale. 2.5 L motor & tramsmissiom out of a 1998 Jeep wrangler TJ. Motor and transmission have 110,000 miles,motor runs great and does not burn any oil. I also just had the lifters adjusted and a new timing chain and tensioner installed. Tranny also works great. Pulling to make room for a...