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  1. Rules, Regulations, Trail, and ORV Park Chat
    I grew up in W. MI and am very familiar with Silver Lake Dunes. I now live in Central IL and have quite the hike to do any camping and wheeling in my TJ. I've been trying to find something on Lake MI preferably in WI, IL, IN, that would allow you to drive onto the beach. The goal is mainly...
  2. The Pub
    Dont know if this info is on here this is from Whiskey creek campgound please go to there FB page and sign up to get the petition letter~~~~~ OK facebook friends! I am in BIG need of some help. There has been an awesome group of individuals who have been working very hard on getting a new...
  3. Rules, Regulations, Trail, and ORV Park Chat
    I have a house in Pentwater, MI and will be up there in July '13 and was wondering if there are any good trails, I don't mind driving I'll be there for a month. I'm mostly looking for trails that go UPward that have a view but any and all ideas are welcome. Thanks
  4. Rules, Regulations, Trail, and ORV Park Chat
    Hi everyone, I'm new to 4 wheeling and am looking for some trails to ride with the family this weekend near Traverse City. Any info or leads will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, David Anderson :poke::usa:
  5. Rules, Regulations, Trail, and ORV Park Chat
    Looking for more info on trails in Muskegon county area. Does anyone have any info about the 2track ot the end of Raymond rd in Twin Lake/ Holton area? Nice big field with a pond back there. Didn't play around too much though. Didn't have an ORV sticker yet..
  6. Trail Rides & 4x4 Events
    I'll be up at Twisted Trails on July 5th. Will anyone else from GL4X4 be there? Here's more info on the park too
  7. GPS tracks and trails
    Wanna get together with a GPS unit hooked to a computer, and start making an inventory/map of all the legal trails on the west side of the state? I have found legal seasonal roads/trails that are not on the maps/gps, and then roads and trails that are on the maps/gps, but dont exist in real...
1-7 of 7 Results