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track bar
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  1. Parts for sale
    looking for some control arms and adjustable tracks bar for xj i just lifted 3 inches. thanks, Ron
  2. Jeep Tech
    so i got my bastard lift on the xj, looks good, rides nice (surprisingly)…. but i managed to unleash the death wobble!!! bracket was re-drilled. slight play in frame side track bar mount. but it is minimal at best. but none the less thats where I'm starting. any suggestions on a good tb setup...
  3. Wanted
    Does anybody has an extra d30 track bar (adjustable would be great)? I need one and im low on funds. Also i need a driveshaft out of an xj or yj/tj front! Message me or text 248-778-5731 Thanks!
  4. Wanted
    Does anyone have an adjustable track bar with drop bracket for a 4.5 - 6 inch lift that is in good condition that you would like to sell? This would be for an xj.
  5. Parts for sale
    TJ rear track bar relocation bracket. Unknown brand but it pretty beefy looking. Looks to be for a 2.5-3" lift $30. Will ship for $8 anywhere in the lower 48
  6. The Pub
    OK your track bar can only be so long it is fixed. But pulls the axle to one side during droop. The only current way to help with this is to move the upper mount lower. But, what if you made a drop down V and had the track bar upper mount mount here-------------^. Like a mini v mounted to...
  7. Completed Sales
    Up for sale is a RC Front Adjustable Track Bar for TJ Wrangler. It comes with both Drop brackets and hardware so you can either run 0-3" Lift or 4-6" Lift. Track bar - SOLD Drop Bracket 4-6" - SOLD (Have all the hardware minus two crush sleeves they are stuck in my frame. Also miss drilling it...
1-7 of 7 Results