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  1. Firearms
    Selling my Taurus Poly Protector 38 +P. About 200-250 rounds through the gun. -4 Holsters (3 OWB & 1 IWB Alien Gear). Great for concealed carry or on duty backup weapon. (FYI: Taurus Unlimited Lifetime Repair Policy™ is just that. The lifetime of the gun...not the buyer.) I'm in the Toledo...
  2. Completed Sales
    i intended on converting my tj to an electric fan setup but decided against it. i now have a good used Taurus fan and an adjustable electric thermostat. anybody interested in this kit? $80 takes it. give a call 586 255-0073 Derek
  3. Jeep Tech
    is there another easy way to run my new efan besides off the o-so-popular temp probe that slides in rad fins? can i somehow tap into the ect sensor maybe? any other ideas that would be more accurate/reliable?
1-3 of 3 Results