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  1. Parts for sale
    I have 2 jeep wheels with the stock star, not the crappy basic steelies. They've got 31-10.5-15 bcg ATs on them. Use for rollers only! Tires have some tread, but they won't take much abuse. $30 for both or trade for .223/9MM ammo...
  2. Vehicles for sale
    Selling my 93 XJ. It's got 182,xxx miles and mechanically is solid. The motor has plenty of get up and go. Auto trans is very smooth, transfer case shifts nicely into 4HI and 4LO. Typically rusted rockers, great tires, stock everything. The front brakes need rotors, I plan on doing those very...
  3. Wanted
    I will buy or trade my 4" lift springs for a set of good condition stock springs for my 1987 full size jimmy. Let me know what you have.
  4. Completed Sales
    as the titles states...I would like to find one with minimal rust, possbily with axels to at least move it around. Doesnt need motor, trans or tcase, have all that crap :D Just want to make a nice DD with the low mileage stuff that i have :D All of this is coming out of a 96 jeep xj county...
  5. Parts for sale
    I have a 1976 AMC 304 that is seized. I need it out of my garage and I don't want to scrap it but will if no one takes it soon. what you see is what you get. If you have any questions text or call me at 248-535-2391
  6. Parts for sale
    Stock take off in real good condition, no dents/hits/scratches. This is the metal support and the plastic cover, the complete bumper, not just the cover. Does not have the foglight holes or towhook holes/towhooks, just the straight bumper. Pic to come. $100, no shipping, pick up only, work...
  7. Completed Sales
    i am selling a gas tank out of a yj without the sending unit, does have skid plate tho 50.00 if interested please call 810 542 0198 thanks
  8. Parts for sale
    i am selling a stock tire carrier off of a jeep wrangler tj, 15.00 if interested please call 810 542 0198 thanks
  9. Parts for sale
    i am selling a set of stock tj fender flares 100.00 obo if interested please call 810 542 0198 thanks
  10. Parts for sale
    I have 2 sets of wheels that spent a little time on my 97 XJ. First, we have the stock set that came with the "Country" package on the cherokees. The "Jeep" emblem is in the center of each wheel. They are, I believe 16", and there are 4 wheels. Next, I have a set that came to me mounted...
  11. Jeep Tech
    I'm looking for the specs on these rims, if anyone has them and could let me know it would be appreciated. I may buy them but the guy doesn't know what they are exactly, All i got out of him was that they are: 4 aluminum factory turbo-mags for an older jeep Cherokee 15" rim, doesn't have width...
1-11 of 12 Results