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    The Pub
    Thank you to those people who kept this a serious thread.
  2. Completed Sales
    I have a senlips brand 50" light bar for sale. I bought it, realized its too big for the durango, and now I'm here. Its pretty much brand new. Looking to get out of it what i got into it. $120
  3. Rig Builds and Pics
    I need a build thread so I'm starting one. Current mods are: Shaved heads R/T seats Woodgrain interior for extra class Removed the running boards And added a light bar. The goal of this build is to keep it as close to stock suspension to keep it daily drivable, but also make it a more capable...
  4. The Pub
    What is this vehicle? It was at fenton auto salvage...
  5. Completed Sales
    I have a absocold mini fridge. No mold and works great. Someone stealing your cheese sticks at work? Need something to cool your beers in your shop? Need a fridge specifically for keeping your bacon cold but don't want it contaminated by veggies? This is the fridge for you. Grab it by Tuesday...
  6. General Tech
    I have a buddy that is in need of and engine rebuild on his vortec 4.3. Its already pulled from the truck and needs a total refreshment, it started knocking a couple weeks ago. Anybody know of a good shop around here? Does Anyone on here do it for a good price?
  7. General Tech
    Yeah, budget and buggy don't seem like they should be put in the same sentence. But here are my thoughts. A single seater buggy a little bigger than an rzr Stock yj 2.5l auto trans drivetrain Dana 30 front axle Chrysler 8.25 rear axle 35" tires Air struts 3 link front and 4 link rear...
  8. Fabrication and body armor
    Here is some crap I Fabbed up for my quad. I know some of the welds are cold. (and I need to round everything off) I made the front bumper, the grab bar, the light mount, and the frame guards I mig welded everything
  9. Quads, Bikes, and Sleds
    Anybody near the linden/fenton area got one of the Yamaha 4 stroke flywheel pullers? I need to borrow one to fix my starter clutch on my warrior and can't shell out the 30 bucks right now. :(
  10. The Pub
    A thread where questions could be asked if stupid things are illegal and have the gl4x4 legal crew answer for us! :teehee: So to start; is there any written law against physically blowing up the whole world? ****EDIT**** This thread is now about socks.
  11. Introductions
    Decided to join the site after lurking for a while, this place is awesome! :beerbang:
1-11 of 13 Results