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  1. Douchebags post here!

    The recycle bin.
    For the douche bags that need attention and need to post dumbass ideas and get all e-thug on people, this is your very own special forum.:woot:
  2. your concept of Jesus?

    Politics, Government, or Religion Chat
    when you think of Jesus, do you think of a meek dude or a balls out kinda guy? I found this quote in an article, and it referenced a favorite pastor of mine, and it made me wonder how most people think of Jesus' personality and characteristics. Anyways, here is the snip from an article: "The...
  3. Man Church

    Politics, Government, or Religion Chat
    I am going to help run a man series at my church. I told the pastor we need mandatory BBQ grills at each service. What else would you suggest, outside of skantily clad ladies? Yes I am serious.
  4. Cuddle anyone?

    The Pub
    They were talking about this on the Zone morning show yesterday morning... Discuss.