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steveo chows penis
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  1. The Pub
    6 years ago I had to walk away from my house of 20+ years, because the SSDI system had to drag their heels in paying backpay, they couldn't decide on a date. We tried to work with GMAC Mortgage, but they were not having any of the sob stories, the bottom was falling out of the market as we were...
  2. The Pub
    What would you do? Got a large black lab male off the internet for free a year and a half ago. Dog was given up by a couple who were loosing there house and could not keep him. Dog is approximately 4 years old. Starts out perty good, dog is partially a RETARD, chases the quad around, barking...
  3. The recycle bin.
    In order to keep these kind of posts from cluttering up other threads any time you feel that I am a big fatty fat doody head post in here. Thanks, the management.
1-3 of 3 Results