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steveo can't shoot
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  1. The Pub
    This guy screwed me on a craigslist deal and now he wont answer the phone Can anyone help me? I need his name and address pm me for the number if you can help Please and Thank you
  2. The Pub
    What would you do? Got a large black lab male off the internet for free a year and a half ago. Dog was given up by a couple who were loosing there house and could not keep him. Dog is approximately 4 years old. Starts out perty good, dog is partially a RETARD, chases the quad around, barking...
  3. The Pub
    And my reaction surprised me.... I was merging from 696 east to I-75 North. I didn't let a driver cut me off on the freeway, my lane was almost completely stopped and he tried to cut in front of me, I closed the gap since he was the dickhead who had just passed 40 stopped cars to cut through...
1-3 of 6 Results