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steveo <3 mountain goats
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  1. The Pub
    So how come I keep getting pictures of steveo's family in my PM box? Yesterday it was his father, today it's his room mate. I now know why he walks around at 1230 with a gun and a boner, his man is ready to receive. Thanks for the lovely picture, I am going to have it framed!
  2. The recycle bin.
    Can someone post all the tags that have steveo in them? I was just looking at some of them and I am ROFLING. My favorite "steveo dated elton john".:sonicjay:
  3. The Pub
    Guy's name is John Sakioka. Title is Director, Technical and Business Strategy Office, Research and Advanced Engineering at Ford Motor Company. Nothing bad, I bought something from him and need to contact him. PM me his email please.
  4. The Pub
    just checking out the wisdom on this sight.... know, I know what I'm dealing with...
1-4 of 4 Results