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  1. Parts for sale
    Hey guys sorry for the long title, i have a 1988 Gm 2.8l 60 degree bellhousing part number #15679692 as well as the Novak kit to adapt the sm420 or sm465 to the amc 2.5. The novak kit includes the crank position sensor mounting bracket, specially modified pivot ball, and specially machined pilot...
  2. Rig Builds and Pics
    I am naming this truck Edith because I have always liked the name. Edith is a 1984 C30 with a 350, 465, and 14 bolt. I know it is not pretty and needs a lot of work. But, it is a good starting point in my book for what I plan on using it for. This thread will basically be a list of upgrades as...
  3. Parts for sale
    I have a 350 out of a 1997 Isuzu NPR. 140xxx miles approximately, ran great until i pulled the distributor for another truck. Mated to a 4L80E two wheel drive. Engine $500 Trans $300. The 465/205 was pulled from a truck and is in known condition. Has chevy bell housing and shift lever. Passenger...
  4. Chevy Tech
    So I have a cast sm465 bell housing at the house now. A rebuilt 465 transmission/dana18 transfer case(bolted together in one piece with the 4 sticks on the side) is currently in route and should arrive the 19th. I have a 2 bolt 350 that should be delivered the 19th also. I will be home the...
  5. Chevy Tech
    In the pile of parts I currently have is a cast 465 bell housing that will be mounted I have a rebuilt 465 that is been adapted to a Dana 18 (from Herm)with all bells and whistles. I plan on using a stock or very mildly built 350 and converting it to propane. The reason I am using a 350 is...
  6. Completed Sales
    *Found*I'm looking for a 465 to 208 adapter. Thought my truck was an 85 but the cab must have been switched. The adapter is the tall one used up until 84. Checked with advanced adapters and all they have is the short one. If someone has all the stuff to convert mine to use the short one I may be...
  7. Completed Sales
    FOUNDLooking for a SM465 transmission. Mine started making a knocking noise and come to find out a few of the gears are tore up. Truck details - 1985 GMC K1500 4x4 350ci motor, np208 t-case. Let me know what you have, a price and a contact number. Thanks
  8. Completed Sales
    All set up, 225 buick bell machined for the 465 and brand new input retainer. Novak 1" adapter installed for the Dana 18/20. $500 FIRM (SOLD)
1-8 of 8 Results