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    Looking for a rust free fuel tank skid plate for a YJ 20 gallon poly tank. Checking around for any good used before I buy new.
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    *SOLD* i have a high clearance skid for a tj up to 02. it's been installed before but never used. no scratches or dents. bought it for my 03 but the frame mounting holes are different. this is essentially a skyjacker skid zinc coated and looks...
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    DELETE - sold
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    Delete - sold
  5. Completed Sales
    At least that's what brand I remember it being. Ran this on my CJ's AMC 20 rear its entire life. Found it to be very nice at helping the diff slide over whatever I dragged the Jeep across. Also catches gear oil nicely. $30 + shipping. Available immediately. Cash, PayPal, or USPS Money Order...