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  1. Suspension Part(s): BDS Cherokee XJ Shackles

    Parts for sale
    These are as close to brand new as you can get...I bought a new lift and put 10 miles on these and didn't like the shackle angle. I ordered relocation brackets and unfortunately these ended up being to long. They measure 6" from hole to hole. I'm currently running the stock ones that measure 3"...
  2. Suspension Part(s): Mid 90's F150 rear spring Hangars and Shackles (pair, nearly new) $60

    Parts for sale
    Bought them after reading that F-150's and Rangers used the same Hangars. Not very true at all lol (though I think the shackles are the same). I should have seen it but several threads said they would work and none to the contrary. I guess I could have measured them first :bdr2: Paid $60 for...
  3. Weld on D Ring shackle mounts

    Parts for sale
    I have a 2 sets on weld on d ring shackle mounts $40 per set. They are CNC machined from 1" thick A36 steel, 29/32" machined center hole and chamfered outer edges. 4" tall where they weld on and stick out 3" overall. I machined theses for bumpers I was going to build for my jeep but now I...
  4. NEW!!!!!! XJ Rear Shackle Kit

    Vendors Fine-tuning the rear suspension travel of your Jeep XJ has never been easier, thanks to Rough Country's Jeep XJ Shackle Relocation Kit. Featuring a set of frame brackets and shackle brackets, this kit relocates the stock shackle...
  5. SOLD - CJ Con-Ferr lift shackles, 2.5" (CJ rear and YJ all) - $50/set

    Completed Sales
    1 pair measures 6.5" hole-hole. The other pair are about 6". Both pair were originally CJ rear shackles, but the spring width is the same as YJ. If you don't like the gay-ass paint job on the one pair, talk to HawksCJ5. :tonka: They have a "gold" finish underneath. The other pair is...