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  1. Reliable vehicle $2500 any condition

    I am moving soon out to Arizona soon and no longer have a vehicle right now and have about $2500 to get a cheap truck, just needs to drive dont care about radio, air or condition of body. Just needs to make it from here to Arizona. Let me know what you have, might be able to work a little more...
  2. 88' Cadillac Seville 4 door, 132k Miles

    Vehicles for sale
    88' Cadillac Seville 4 door, 132k Miles $875.00 Two day Sale... good runner 75% tire tread left Clean car Very little rust for 88' power, leather,.... Fabric Fo/hard top 4.5l v8 New battery Drives great. Trades Considered: -Overhead shop hoist (electric) 3 ton minimum 110 ,220,pnuematic...
  3. Which ammo works best in your pistol?

    The Pub
    I've got the Sig P226 9MM and used to have the awesome XD-9 and both always shot great with whatever I put through it. Right now I'm working through some Winchester FMJs and I've had guys at the range ask how my pistol shoots with them. Yesterday the guy that asked had the Kimber Ultra Carry...
  4. *SOLD*2001 Focus great gas mileage!*price drop)SOLD

    Completed Sales
    2001 ford focus 164,000 miles most highway,guy before had a 45 min commute to work everyday.bought it for the gas mileage.I have had it going on 2 summers is white in color and all stock.oil changed every 3000.doesnt smoke or burn oil,never had a problem with it.trans shifts very...