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rear bumper

  1. Completed Sales
    ***SOLD**** Truly one of a kind rear bumper for a jeep Cherokee XJ. I built this in my shop several years ago, however I have become bored and would like to make another, I will use the money form this to buy materials. It's features include: Designed around a 2001 XJ, should fit older years...
  2. Completed Sales
    SOLD**** a Jeep Cherokee XJ Rear Winch Bumper with built in Air Tanks for on-board compressors. Dual Exhaust integrated into Bumper. I made this bumper several years ago, I am no longer using this jeep as a DD so i want to make a high clearance tube bumper for rock crawling. Located in...
  3. Wanted
    The rounded type, sorta like this: NOT the dealer-installed plate models, like this: Any shape, it's going to get cut apart and custom-fit to my 66.
  4. Completed Sales
    Cherokee rear bumper Made out of 2"x6" C channel. Does not have frame tie in brackets w/ it. JCR has them for pretty cheap Mounts to stock location, mounts are made of 1/4" flat stock and 2" x 1/4" square tube. I had it tied into hitch for support Has mount for high lift jack on tire carrier...
  5. Completed Sales
    nice solid bumper no dents or dings. painted gray. $50 and its all yours