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  1. Quads, Bikes, and Sleds
    . I am trying to find a ORV trail in Yankee Springs area. I have heard there is a simple one but have not been able to find it. I called the parks office there and the lady was clueless. Any help would be appreciated! Where trail starts etc. Thanks!!!
  2. Rules, Regulations, Trail, and ORV Park Chat
    I grew up in W. MI and am very familiar with Silver Lake Dunes. I now live in Central IL and have quite the hike to do any camping and wheeling in my TJ. I've been trying to find something on Lake MI preferably in WI, IL, IN, that would allow you to drive onto the beach. The goal is mainly...
  3. Rules, Regulations, Trail, and ORV Park Chat
    I am looking for some help putting together an ORV club that meets a few times a month in Milan Mi (Near US23 and Dundee). I have 1000 acres of private stone quarry to play on and would love some like minded people to ride with. i have done a lot of research and have not been able to find...
  4. Rules, Regulations, Trail, and ORV Park Chat
    I have two Yamaha three wheelers and im thinking about purchasing another, larger one. The guy says he rides on the trails but im not sure how legal it is. If anyone knows the official laws for orv trail riding for three wheelers let me know. Thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results