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  1. The Pub
    I have a problem and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas. when i put my truck in r or d it takes like 3 seconds b 4 u can feel it go into gear. let me knoe if u have any good ideas
  2. The Pub
    He left when it started raining on the 3rd hole :sonicjay: He can hit pretty damn far off the tee, he just needs to work on those iron shots. His black NBA socks and his brown shoes made us lol.
  3. The Pub
    Detroit, Flint among 'fastest-dying' cities in U.S.
  4. The Pub
    With the upcoming terror attacks on friday Proof of the attacks Who knows what will happen. I am pretty sure this guy is right. so long
  5. The recycle bin.
    i need drivers side backing plate and what moser is calling the protective guard witch is the tin plate with four holes and raised circle around it about 1/2 inch high goes over plate with 4 holes and axel seal thanks craig