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  1. Completed Sales
    tranny came out of a 77 ford truck with a 400m. Only trans and tcase no bell housing. 300$
  2. Ford Tech
    just went to the salvage yard and picked up the next part for the bronco...well its a 4 spd out of a 87 f150 4wd...i have looked online and looked at similar qualities of a t18, at the base of the shifter it has a giant round nut tha spins around the shifter that holds it i thought...
  3. Ford Tech
    so i have an 1987 bronco2 with a 351w and a c6...k so my plans are to swap out the c6 for a np435...the next area is the clutch/ i wana go with a hydro what do i need to make this change...the tranny is from n older bronco late 70's...the bellhousing is for a 351c so i...
  4. Wanted
    :beer:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- looking for 304 flywheel(manual) & bellhousing for t-18 or np-435. please contact me @ [email protected] with any info/prices. thanks. :beer:
  5. Wanted
    hi i live in mid-west michigan and i am looking for a np435 complete...bellhousing to tail shaft for reasonable price...and does anyone know what the length is on these from bellhousing to output, and is it any shorter than a c6???i have a c6 in my bronco 2 and was looking for a manual...let me...
1-5 of 5 Results