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  1. Jeep Tech
    I took my TJ up to our cabin to keep it there for the trails. The first time I took it out in the woods and came back to the pavement it made a clunking noise on the uphill. It was in 4H until I hit the blacktop then I shifted back to 2WD. Then, a week later we're up again, take it out...
  2. Jeep Tech
    Ok, so i bought my 2000 xj about 2 years ago from a guy and he told me that every once in a while it would make a low pitched ringing/squeal noise (not like a serpentine and pulley squeal) and he was right every once in awhile i'd hear it. But now that low pitched noise has turned into one of...
  3. Jeep Tech
    There is a sound coming from my jeep which is a 2000 Jeep Cherokee 4.0I 5 door that makes me want to strangle someone. It comes on about 90 percent of the time but generally stops when i hit around 60 miles an hour and its not a sound from a belt or anything i checked that and switched out the...
1-3 of 3 Results