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  1. Jeep Tech
    I threw some 6" leafs on the back of the trail beater and when I went to back it off the rack it turns over but will not fire. I've tried pouring fuel in throttle body with no luck, then went and checked spark. I have power going into coil pack but nothing coming out. What is out there that will...
  2. Jeep Tech
    I've got a 96 xj. And when when I turn the key to the ON position a injector keeps clicking. I also wasn't getting spark and went through and replaced a bad ignition coil, new cap and rotor and just replaced the crank position sensor. The battery is good. I take it out of my DD and into the...
  3. Jeep Tech
    I have and 89'xj i got for 200$, the one in my pics. Its solid, no rust, new 242t-case. The guy said it needed a fuel pump. So i get it home, throw a battery in it, check all the fuses and relays, and got the fuel pump humming and building psi. So it fired over, and i drove it a couple times...
1-3 of 3 Results