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  1. Mounds some time next week?

    GPS tracks and trails
    Anyone want to head up to the Mounds in Mt. Morris Michigan (1:30 drive from Detroit Area) sometime next week? I believe its only $5 a vehicle which is really cheap.
  2. Mounds ORV 7/3 and or 7/5

    Trail Rides & 4x4 Events
    May go to Mounds on Friday 7/3/09, depending on work schedule for the holiday. Plan on going Sunday 7/5/09 either way, so long as the hangover isn't tooo bad. Anyone else planning on going either of these 2 day. If so, which are you planning on going on and how many in your group. Be nice to...
  3. Sunday 6/29/08 Mounds run????

    Trail Rides & 4x4 Events
    K, guess that as of the other day...the group that was going on 7/5 is talking about changing to 6/29. I can go one or the other but probably not both so i am taking a poll on who's going this Sunday 6/29....i know dmkx3 is planning on going. Who else is planning on going so i know which trip i...