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    We have used all our external IP addresses from our ISP. Work may want me to install a sharepoint server that is available to the internet. Sharepoint should not be installed on an server with an existing website so i am going to install a new server. In the past i have just run multiple...
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    How much hard drive storage do you have available on your home pc? :tonka: 3.2Tb :stan:
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    Given that f is a function with the following properties; i. f(Xsub1+Xsub2) = f(Xsub1)*f(Xsub2) far all Xsub1 and Xsub2 ii. f(x) = 1 = xg(x) where lim x->0 g(x) =1 Prove that f ' (x) = f(x)