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  1. Rock Auto

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    Great packaging guys. If it fits it ships???
  2. School me on the Lee 1000

    The Great Outdoors
    If I understand what I have read and the internets aren't lying, I buy the Lee progressive 1000 press in 223 etc. and just need to but the die kit with shell holder like this...
  3. creeping clown

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    what would you do if you found this clown creeping around :confused...
  4. to dually or not to dually?

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    I am starting to look at tow vehicles ( to be honest I have been dreaming for ever). I dont know if I want a dually or not, I have searched and searched but never see an answer that seems real. I really only want to tow a large trailer with two rigs and maybe plow. I have a 1/2 ton and know I...
  5. Scherzer turned down $144 million

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    he has one out standing year an now he's to good for $144 million. I think they should get rid of him now...
  6. New canoe owner

    Boats, canoes, and rubber ducks
    Had a old co-worker fall on hard times and I now own 3 flotation devices. I bought all three just for this one though. It's a 12 footer from what I'm told. Can't wait to get it out. I need to invest in a set of paddles. Any recommendations? I'm a fan of the all wood style.
  7. 44" Boggers & TSL Swampers ***NEW PRICE***

    Parts for sale
    2- 44"x18.5x16.5 Super Swampers TSL and 2-44x19.5x16.5 Boggers. All are almost like new, maybe 4 or 5 passes in the mud. Full tread depth. Swampers are mounted on aluminum mod 8 lug 12" wide wheels. Boggers are mounted on new Bart Steel 8 lug wheels. Going in a different direction asking...
  8. Oderus Urungus has left the planet.

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    Dave Brockie, has passed away. Sad day for GWAR fans
  9. dually simulators

    looking for a decent set of 16inch dually simulators. Don't care if they are scratched or the lug nut covers are missing. Just need caps that are not dented.
  10. 2004 tj rubicon.

    Vehicles for sale
    I'll post some pics later on. But I'm going to school come september and I don't need extra bills. I'm asking 8500 for it, I do owe on it so I can't take any lower. It's all stock besides the 4x4 cable linkage I put in it. Has 140k on the clock. Feel free to ask questions like I said I'll try...
  11. 265/75/16's mt or at's or similar size

    Looking for a good set of 265/75/16's or maybe 285/75/16's to go on my Trailblazer. Would like a set of mud terrains but will look at all terrains as well.
  12. Mud bogger

    Vehicles for sale
    1997 Chevy Tahoe 454 Chevy big block board 30 over 11.5-1 Forged pistons 12.5-1 over all compression. Balanced and blue printed solid flat tappet cam, 600 lift 300 duration close chamber oval port heads, stainless steal valves with triple springs, full roller top end, best fasteners though out...
  13. saltwater supplies (aquarium related)

    Miscellaneous items
    Im going to skip setting up my saltwater tank, so I am selling off the supplies I wont be using.(freshwater runs thru my blood) Skimmer with pump $100 20 gallon sump $30 10 gallon sump $20 Brand new test kit from api Only used twice $20 huge piece of dry fiji rock great center piece $60...
  14. sold

    Completed Sales
    Ive got 5 brand new trailer tires for sale. I bought them for a tandem dual trailer project but have no need for them any more. They are hiway master load range G 14 ply rating 7.5-16. Brand new cost is roughly 100-150 online +shipping. Id like to sell them all together . like I said their brand...
  15. Thoughts on the 2011 GMC Terrain?

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    Went and looked at a 2011 GMC Terrain SLE, 2.4 4 cylinder, front wheel drive, 78, xxx miles on it last night. Really liked it, roomy, and claims decent gas mileage for it's size. I don't know much about them, good or bad, just wondering if anyone had any input either way? Thanks!
  16. 95 lifted wrangler 2500obo 4.0 manual

    Vehicles for sale
    , 187000miles on dash tub is very good condition im trying to get some pics its a black asking 2500obo prolly needs a little tlc...4h makes noise,4lo works great....runs and drive great... temp gauge wires are or txt 2312252655....has new chrome front bumper, roof...
  17. 91 yj one tons 40s ori struts street legal **more pics** price drop

    Vehicles for sale
    I have a 91 yj fully built. Specs are as follows. 91 wrangler with title -New best top soft top with tinted windows, I have two. One nice and one for wheeling -full steel body armor that is tied into body mounts - custom 6 point cage - fully lined tub. Not rusty -half doors -full doors -tube...
  18. 00 XJ trail rig SOLD

    Completed Sales
    $3500 build thread My 00 xj - Great Lakes 4x4. The largest offroad forum in the Midwest I hate to sell, but I haven't had time to go wheelin, only about once a year for the last 2. it's a very capable rig, motor, trans, and jeep have 157K I still have the 4.56 gears for it (haven't...
  19. I wanna learn Spanish NSFW

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  20. jeep and misc parts

    Parts for sale
    I have a 92 jeep wrangler that had 110,000 miles. Building it and have the 2.5l motor with clutch and starter with only 1000 miles at most. d30 and d35 with 4.10 gears. 4 33x12.5x15 goodyear wranglers with about 15% left on 5x4.5 rims(will not separate). I have an np231. Have 4" bds leaf springs...