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  1. The recycle bin.
    If B.S. and flaming are not allowed in the market place, why are vulgar tags? There are many threads in the market place with steveos B.S. tags. Is this allowed? If so let the games begin. I will wait for a reply here before I start.:thumb:
  2. Vehicles for sale
    i will try one more time ok its a 92 yj se with the fold up back seat a Dana 44 rear and a xj fort 30 it also has a ter speed auto and a 4.0 ho it also has brand new brings in both diffs and brand new stocks and it only has 135000 miles on it it also comes with hi lift jack and stuff to set up...
  3. Wanted
    i need about 10 3 inch body pucks
  4. General Tech
    my pivot point hole on my shift linkage is massive! do I have the wrong linkage?
  5. The Pub
  6. Introductions
    Hey im rob i Just got a new 08 sahara a friend recomended me F l e x i n im really excited about my new jeep! im from downstate rochester, clarkston, and romeo now live in petoskey. talk to everyone later! Rob
  7. The recycle bin.
    hi chad here i'm saleing my jeep xj 4door 4x4 it has 185000 4.0 with rod noc auto all power and lot of offroad add ons like a 4.5 lift 31-10.5-15 all new bfgs new head gasket water pump hoses and alot of new parts this jeep came from down south 1 1/2 ago and it has no rust at all thats all email...
  8. The Pub
    We got the bike at a garage sale knowing that it had a bad trans and lacked power, so we beat the snot out of it. a little of this led to this: a couple 9mm holes fired by the sober guy and a little fire and the end It was a lot of fun, and the only bruises were from falling...
1-9 of 10 Results