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lol(laugh out loud)
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  1. The Pub
    took in a load of scrap, and turns out my truck (83 jeep j10) with 60s and 39" tires only weighs 4350lbs. I know its nothing special but my moms cars weighs more than my fullsize truck! just wondering how much you guys got ur rigs down to ps. she tops out at 125mph:beerbang: it amuses me
  2. The Pub
    ***FOUND*** Thanks for all of the help and PM's. We have found some one to do the work and we are no longer looking. I figured I would offer up work for the GL4x4'ers before I went looking in the phone book. I am going to be doing some renovations to our home soon and I have 2 trees that I...
1-2 of 2 Results