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  1. Sterling 10.5" 3.73 gears with Limited slip carrier

    Bolt backed out of the limited slip carrier and took a trip around the ring gear and chipped my pinion gear on my 2005 F-250... There was actually 3 out of the 6 bolts broken?!?! I could only replace one without dropping the carrier out on the floor as there were broken pieces still inside it...
  2. junk 5lug on 5.5

    Looking to get some not so nice 5lug x 5.5. I will be using them to get my truck to fit into my garage when I want to work on it. My big 38s and 9in lift make my rig to tall to fit. Thanks 727-916-0341
  3. Toyota buying back Tacoma's for frame rust

    The Pub
    Sorry is this is a repost Tacoma's made between 1995-2000 are having frame rot issues. Toyota is offering free inspections and either buying back or repairing the trucks with excessive rust. http:// I...