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jeep truck

  1. Vehicles for sale
    Second owner of a 1986 jeep j20, it has 27577 original miles. It was placed in storage in early 2010. Upper part of motor was rebuilt 5 years ago. Prior to it being parked it recived: A new altenator, brake lines, pads, shoes, rotors, brake lines, front u-joints, belts, and trans service. It...
  2. Vehicles for sale
    I have a 1948 Willy's pickup for sale. Asking $10,000. (906)twothreeone -1695 Truck is located In Grand Rapids Michigan. Specs are: Hurricane inline 6 cylinder flathead engine 4 wheel drive Manual steering and brakes (front converted to discs) Brand new tires and aluminum wheels with matching...
  3. Vehicle Part Outs
    Im parting out my 1985 J20 gladiator, it has 27xxx miles on it. I'll try and get pictures up tomorrow, let me know what you need.
  4. The Pub
    There sure is a lot of talk about the next Jeep truck. Is a truck? Or is it a JK with a bed? I've been looking online a lot since I had my 10 (very personal) minutes up close with the Nukizer at this year's Jeep Blessing, and everything I found online, was dreamers talking about it, wishers...