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  1. Jeep Tech
    This morning my heat was working fine. I went to turn the heat on later on in the day and the heat won't turn on. About a year or two I replace the blower motor and the switch control panel. Will some help me figure this out?
  2. General Tech
    I just picked up a 97 CK1500 with the 305 in it. I was contemplating getting a performance chip (not a tuner) to try and squeeze a little more horsepower, but more importantly, MPG's seeing as how I drive about 100 miles a day to work and school. My concern is that the truck has over 200k miles...
  3. Jeep Tech
    well the drivers side top hinge has peeled off the metal from the unibody. i live in mount pleasant right now (up at CMU) so i have no tools or a place to work on my jeep. anyone have any clues on who to go to around here?
  4. Rig Builds and Pics
    I have a 1976 cj5 with a 4'' lift, currently riding on 31's. It has a really clean body, (i'll post some pics of it once I get used to this site, sry) I am thinking about selling it but I want to get the most money out of it... What do you suggest I do? sell as is or fix it? I'm a good...
  5. Chevy Tech
    umm i can drive my 1995 chevy 1500 350 4x4 for ten minutes then when my trans heats up it does not shift out of 2nd not to first or to third not even when i manually shift it and it has a shift kit and trans cooler and idk y its doing this
  6. Chevy Tech
    okay i have a 1995 1500 automatic that i bought about two months ago and was told the trans was rebuilt two years ago. it has a after market trans cooler and a shift kit(u can feel the kick when it shifts). about a month ago i was driving it and the abs light kicked on and then wouldnt shift...
1-6 of 6 Results