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  1. tcp/vpn experts?

    The Pub
    need some input trying to figure something out with a vpn software package for lan games. specifically related to the gateway metric. if I force is for the vpn the lan games don't work and the internet works. if I set it to auto the lan games work and the internet is hit or miss, some sites work...
  2. inland lake

    The Pub
    so i was having a dicussion today, and would like any of you to clear up some confusion...what is the definition of an 'inland lake' , isnt EVERY lake 'in-land'?
  3. Waste of a good Jeep I built

    The Pub I built this for a local guy here in Midland and he had to sell it after graduating from Northwood. Now somebody has...
  4. Big bang?

    Politics, Government, or Religion Chat
    The law of conservation of energy states that energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. If energy can neither be created nor destroyed, then how did the big bang.. well bang? An explosion is energy, right? It's cool that the laws of science...
  5. bacon pockets

    The recycle bin.
  6. do it your self fab

    Fabrication and body armor