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  1. Completed Sales
    Gently used angry eye grille with the optional "toothed" insert that's showing some wear and a brand new, never used plain black insert. Grille was used in matte black as it comes from RR and not painted. Could easily be cleaned up and painted or used as is, nothing but bug splatters on it, no...
  2. Completed Sales
    Also selling a Billet T-Rex Grill polished aluminum! Niceeee :) Here's the link on ebay but if you just contact me I can meet you and sell it in person so we don't get ripped on ebay fees. Based on the...
  3. Completed Sales
    i am selling the front grille off of a 93 grand cherokee 40.00 if interested please call 810 542 0198 thanks
  4. Wanted
    Looking for a stock grille for a 1998 S10: The part with the bowtie/chrome strip/grey plastic and such. Not looking for an aftermarket grille that goes over this, need the stock part. Thanks everyone!
  5. Wanted
    A friend's son had an accident and here is the parts list of what they need to fix the jeep: Bumper, front 5ED16JX8AF Extn, Front Bumper Otr LT 55155757AB Panel, Front Valance 55155667AF Grille Assembly 55174594AD Parklamp Assembly LT 55055020AD Fender, Front LT 5003951AG Flare, Wheel Opening...
1-5 of 5 Results