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  1. Please make it STOP

    The Pub :bdr2:
  2. Lt1 350/sold__________

    Completed Sales
    got a chance to buy a different motor. putting my feelers out there to see if there is any interest in it. LT1-350,roughly 85,000 miles all accesories included Howell wiring harness,computer its the newer version with the better ijnition iron block. ??? $725
  3. If you watched this happen, what would you have done? 2.0

    The Pub please tell me you would not have watched the them do all that without beating them down OK OK i know its a repost but its a little over due and provides a laugh every time! seniors can be dangerous in large groups.
  4. Anyone read the flint journal? Check this out!! Exo Caged ZJ!!AWESOME OMG!!1

    The Pub It's a damn shame that Eric and Jeff are cool but man is anthony a gigantic bag of douche.
  5. my new boat

    The Pub
    isn't Craigslist great? it's a 17' Heritage Expedition LP cruised down to Ada to pick it up last night.
  6. mr green

    The Pub
    I found an empty mr green bottle in my garage today and it mand me sad :( Anyone else miss Mr Green?
  7. so who pre-ordered and who's going to midnight run it?

    The Pub
    I refuse to pre-order anymore. I'll waltz into Target or Walmart and get my copy :)