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  1. The Pub :bdr2:
  2. Completed Sales
    got a chance to buy a different motor. putting my feelers out there to see if there is any interest in it. LT1-350,roughly 85,000 miles all accesories included Howell wiring harness,computer its the newer version with the better ijnition iron block. ??? $725
  3. The Pub please tell me you would not have watched the them do all that without beating them down OK OK i know its a repost but its a little over due and provides a laugh every time! seniors can be dangerous in large groups.
  4. The Pub It's a damn shame that Eric and Jeff are cool but man is anthony a gigantic bag of douche.
  5. The Pub
    isn't Craigslist great? it's a 17' Heritage Expedition LP cruised down to Ada to pick it up last night.
  6. The Pub
    I found an empty mr green bottle in my garage today and it mand me sad :( Anyone else miss Mr Green?
  7. The Pub
    I refuse to pre-order anymore. I'll waltz into Target or Walmart and get my copy :)
1-7 of 7 Results