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  1. Rig Builds and Pics
    Friday I picked up this gem of a TJ for $550, 1997 Jeep Wrangler - $500 SOLD - Great Lakes 4x4. The largest offroad forum in the Midwest Its a pretty good deal granted it need some work. I took it over to a friends house yesterday and finally got a good look over on it. First thing first I...
  2. Ford Tech
    2000 PSD no start -10 below cranked this morning, batteries completely died. replaced batteries AND starter relay today and still no crank no start. jumped the starter with key in start position, cranked a few times, then no more crank, no start, just "clunks" out at fender mounted starter...
  3. The Pub
    Notice the 66" monster truck tires in the background.. but still Damn does it need that much lift for thosde tires ? found this while looking at myspaces on the GL myspace friends.. If the guy who this truck belongs to reads this post up id like to hear your build plans
  4. The recycle bin.
    hi chad here i'm saleing my jeep xj 4door 4x4 it has 185000 4.0 with rod noc auto all power and lot of offroad add ons like a 4.5 lift 31-10.5-15 all new bfgs new head gasket water pump hoses and alot of new parts this jeep came from down south 1 1/2 ago and it has no rust at all thats all email...
1-4 of 5 Results