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  1. Completed Sales
    Installed this kit for a friend on a 2015 JKU and his wife didn't like that it was louder than stock :sonicjay: so he had me uninstall it to sell. Sounds awesome (I have videos of it revving off idle I can send) and the black on the muffler and tips make it more subtle than most dual setups...
  2. Wanted
    Does anyone in the southeast Michigan area have their stock exhaust sitting around wasting space after installing an after-market cat-back system? I specifically only need the pipe assembly that includes the resonator (the section between the front Y-pipe and the muffler). While installing my...
  3. Jeep Tech
    Any thoughts/recommendations for a new exhaust? Have stock 84 CJ7 that needs new exhaust. Would like a header and a system that sounds throaty.....any thoughts on brands or combos that have worked well?
  4. Completed Sales
    Off a late 258 (YJ), but they are the same parts as late CJ. Everything is as-is. Did not see any cracks. Carb and throttle bracket/linkage are already gone. $50 + shipping. PayPal accepted. Available immediately. Cash, PayPal, or USPS Money Order only. No other money orders. First come...
  5. Parts for sale
    Diesel truck exhaust and air breather. The exhaust messures 77" long the bend is 16" side to side and removable. The air breather is made by Nelson Manufacturing. It is a commercial 2 stage system. Part Number 71254N Replacement Element 70070N Replacement Safety 70067N I had this for my 12v...
  6. Chevy Tech
    I want to do a true dual exhaust system for my 94 chevy 3/4 ton. It has a 6 in pro comp lift and Im not sure what headers I need to use to clear the drivers side drive shaft and lift kit support bar. I've all ready tried the long length headers and they won't clear and I dont want to keep...
1-6 of 6 Results