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  1. The Pub
    this forum is filled with sexual stuff, like over-done. Are ya'll not getting jiggy or something? What gives?
  2. The Pub
  3. The Pub You can't beat that price.. Figured I'd post up.. I know this is one of the lower models, but they're...
  4. The Pub
    There is a huge diversity of people on these forums. Some are hardkore. Some are full blown newbies and some are just like me gaining experience. I have learned alot over the past years. From rig upgrades to personality traits and even crap about myself. I love majority of you people. I am...
  5. The Pub
    Today I got a call from my local friends in silver lake. I was informed that my camper, along with all other campers in silver lake that are on private property are soon to be in violation. Local RV parks are saying that they are losing money because too many people are camping on private land...
  6. The Pub
    Is there always much of a difference between Dealer Retail Value between these two, or did I just run into a particular vehicle with a big difference? Almost 3,000 higher report from NADA
  7. The Pub
    Anybody know what's going on?
  8. The Pub
    Its never a good thing when police yell "GET IN YOUR FUCKING CAR". then you grab your camera and look behind you, and snap a photo of a crazy dude holding a shotgun. then you snap a photo in front of police man carrying a shotgun and you realize you're directly in between them. I made a quick...
  9. The Pub I'll integrate this to the front page shortly.. If people can mess around with it and see if its "buggy" that would be awesome.
  10. The Pub
    Yeah, I have new neighbors on the other side of me now. My APT complex is very nice, with many well-to-do people living here, no crime, etc. Now a big Uhaul is next door, and a hoopty monte carlo with chameleon paint, and 11tybillion" wheels along with a loud stereo pull up. All I hear is...
  11. The Pub
    Now I'm hungry. Discuss.
  12. The Pub
    HAPPY BIRFDAY JIMMAAAAAAAAAAY :bdr2::bdr2::bdr2::bdr2:
  13. The Pub
    A real smiple question. What hapen to manners in forums?? Is it that you can sit behind the screen and say what ever you feel? Would you say the same thing face to face with the other person? Or do you do this face to face with people?? Or are you so up yourself that you try to bring...
1-15 of 45 Results