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  1. Toyota Tech
    So here is the setup. I have some 87 fj60 axles and plan on running 33" tires and a spring under setup that will give me 2 to 4" of lift. These are going under a 69 cj5 with a dauntless 225, T18 and Dana 18. The stock springs/shackles are junk. Out boarding the frame mounts/shackles with a yj or...
  2. Jeep Tech
    I would really like to put some bigger rubbers under my rig w/o lifting it higher. Has anyone cut out their rear fenders at all? I assume that once you get past the spot welds you would have to patch in the area between the inner and outer skins but is it possible/has anyone done it?
  3. The Pub
    Just went to the hardware store to get some stuff, how the hell was I supposed to pass these up? :sonicjay: Now when I cut myself putting together the new dog kennel at my sisters house I'll be prepared.
1-3 of 3 Results