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  1. SOLD 2.4 liter, 4 cyl. engine from 2004 TJ with standard trans, new clutch, 550

    Parts for sale
    i have a take out engine from a 2004 TJ, was removed for a V8 swap, has 70,000 miles, new clutch, 5 speed standard tranny still attached, all accessories, cable and such. 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine ran great, just did a swap. in bridgeport, pics tomorrow 550.00 989-372-2002 sold
  2. Is My Clutch Bad?

    Jeep Tech
    Question jeepers! I have a 97' TJ and I think my clutch just went out on me today! Its really hard to push in and feels like theres a lot of resistance. I checked the fluid and its full and the cable appears ok, its not broken. Do you think it could be the clutch plate? And how can you tell...
  3. TJ: 02 clutch replacement/upgrade?

    Jeep Tech
    My clutch on my 02 wrangler just went yesterday. i have a 4 inch short arm lift with 33" on it. it is a 4.0 i am thinking i want to upgrade my clutch for a heavier duty clutch then the stock one. whats everyones thoughts and suggestions? brand? preferences?
  4. 351w block and clutch kit

    Parts for sale
    1993 351 Windsor Block and crank: Acid dip Shot peen steam clean block inspection new cam bearings new freeze plugs new oil galley plugs deck check and true bore .030" over hone crank has been steamed and acid dipped, trued and polished. Ready to assemble. All work performed by baldwin...
  5. Misc Jeep Part(s) manual trans, PCM, Seat covers

    Parts for sale
    1991 YJ manual trans good shape. 100 k for miles. comes with shifter, flywheel, clutch and pressure plate. 100.00 PCM and wiring harness for 1995 YJ 2.5L 100.00 Smitty built black front neoprem seat covers drivers and pass. for stock 1995 YJ seats. used 4 times 80.00 SKY Jacker Steering...
  6. New Ram 360 Flywheel & Clutch $350 (paid $400)

    Parts for sale
    Brand new Dodge flywheel and clutch for 1997 Ram, I never used them and they are still in the box. I paid $400 for them both but I'll take $350. Will take trades for 35'' tires, carb and intake for an AMC 360, AMC high performance parts? Let me know what you have and I will consider it...
  7. Clutch Kit 2005 Wrangler +/-

    Parts for sale
    Clutch kit for sale, includes the following: (30 miles of use) clutch disc, pressure plate, (brand new) pilot bearing, throwout bearing, and alignment tool. Came from NAPA a few weeks ago, thought there was something wrong with it, bought another, turned out to be a drive shaft issue. I got it...
  8. YJ:Clutch feels like it's not connected to anything

    Jeep Tech
    I just bought a 1992 Jeep YJ yesterday, drove it 3 hours back to my house, everything was fine. Then today while i was driving i pushed in the clutch and it sank right to the floor. I got it home looked at it and it feels like the clutch pedal is not connected to anything, its really loose, no...
  9. 1972 FJ40 Clutch master cylinder

    Toyota Tech
    Hey guys I am looking for a good master and slave cylinder for my Fj40. I got this pig on the road and drove for about 100 miles, it was awesome. Parked it in the garage and the next morning the clutch went to the floor. No leaks and the fluid is still where it is supposed to be. If anyone has...