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  1. Vehicles for sale
    I have a '79 dodge adventure that's very clean, zero rust. It has the original 440 an 727 from the factory, the motor was professionally rebuilt 60over, mild cam, low compression , pump gas motor. It was built by the previous owner, I just ran into him in Sanford a few months back. It's...
  2. Completed Sales
    1949 Buick super Classic like roadmaster no motor, trans, or back glass good 455 candidate, 76 Buick 225 rear end installed rolling chassy wheel skirts interior/ exterior chrome and interior all there, needs a lot of body work was told fits right on a suburban chassis Asking 750.00 worth that in...
  3. The Pub
    So I am in North Platte NE and I always notice a classic when one goes by. I am getting a 2 tires fixed on this trailer that I hooked to that some yahoo dropped. These 60/70's jeeps and trucks are dang near rust free and there like everywhere. Maybe it is a a nice day out which is why so many...
  4. Vehicles for sale
    Posting this for my Dad. Pictures are a bit old but nothing has changed. Located in Middleville, MI 1949 Buick Special no motor, trans, or back glass, 76 Buick rear end installed rolling chassis wheel skirts interior(looks nice)/ exterior chrome all there. Really does not need a lot to be a...
  5. The Pub
    This part has gone missing for a couple months now. If you came to buy something and it got thrown into the deal, please PM me and jog my memory. I'll see if I still have a picture of it. I took one a day or two before listing it and it went missing immediately afterwards. Edit: FOUND.
1-5 of 5 Results