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  1. Parts for sale
    Crown Carburetor for 4.2L BBD Engine without Electronic Stepper Motor This is NEW in the BOX. I also have a NEW in box module if you want to do the nutter bypass. Description: This Crown Carburetor for 4.2L...
  2. Vehicle Part Outs
    both front fenders are dented in pretty bad and car was painted brown with spray paint that prevents rust. aparently it didn't work because the bottom of the car is rotting away pretty bad. carbed 350 has rod knock but runs, trans might be sold already. has 4 camaro rims and two tires are like...
  3. Jeep Tech
    So this might be two different issues or it might be the same issue. I can start up my Jeep and it will start right away (if run in the last 24 hours) and it idles good. When I go down the road at a constant speed like 45 mph it goes then the motor starts sputtering like it is running out of...
  4. Completed Sales
    I am looking for a 4bbl carb that would fit an amc 360, I would also be looking for a perfomer intake as well. Sadly I have a budget like everyone else out there and I'm not looking to spend more then 250. Text or call me at if you have anything at 248-535-2391. Thanks
  5. Chevy Tech
    I've got an 85 High Sierra 4x4 with a 350/SM465/NP208 running 38.5x16x16.5 TSL's. 350 is midly built. The previous owner rebuilt the engine back in 99 and the truck sat in his yard for 6 years before I bought it. I can't find the paperwork at the moment so I'll try to be as accurate as possible...
  6. Parts for sale
    This is a newer 650 Holly carb, it came with a CJ I bought last summer, I upgraded to a Avenger - off road carb. This one ran a little sluggish, might need a rebuild. $75
  7. Completed Sales
    Emptied out a couple boxes that contained random spare parts related to the 225-powered 1966 CJ-5 I had. Some of them may not be from the V6, but rather from the 4-cylinder that came out of the Jeep many years ago. This is all I have left from this Jeep. I don't know what all the proper names...
  8. Parts for sale
    This was the carb that was on the CJ7 when I bought it. It ran rough and would not idle cold, I just bought a new Avenger Off-Road carb and like it. This carb may need a rebuild, but it did run when I took it off last summer. Holly 650cfm, 4 bbl., $100.
  9. General Tech
    Hi there, I'm a new AMC Eagle 4x4 owner, and I'm having some carb problems. The carb is finicky as heck, and it idles really high in park and neutral, but seems just fine in drive or reverse. It was suggested to me by the vehicle's previous owner that I seek out a rebuilt or bolt-on ready...
  10. Wanted
    Im looking for a 600cfm carb for my 350chevy, I probably wont buy. I'm just interested in the asking price so I can save up some cash. You know what I mean? Whats the price??
  11. Parts for sale
    I have a Eldelbrock Performer AMC v-8 intake with an unknown 4 barrel Holley Carb on it. Do not know how good the carb is, or what type it is for tha t matter, but do know that I had the Intake bead blasted a few years ago and has sat in my garage ever since. Got rid of my AMC V-8's stuff, so...
1-11 of 11 Results