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  1. mobile reddy heater 70,000 BTU

    Miscellaneous items
    i have had this for a while and really dont want to part with it, but i am moving and it cant come with. so here it goes. i bought it from a friend a while back and dont know a whole lot about it except it works and its warm. asking $200
  2. Hey ClarkstonCracker!!!

    The Pub
    Where the hell is your Brett Favre avatar you were going to have for life since that one play?
  3. Research Project Help

    The recycle bin.
    I have to design a research project for my advanced high school. I would like to do something involving automotive things. We have a good deal of technology readily available. I just can't really think of anything. We have to have ''numerical independent variables'' for example if i was testing...
  4. Pics of my "new" DD/WW

    The recycle bin.
  5. SOLD - Infinity speakers & amp, 99 XJ - $100 *new pics*

    Completed Sales
    Comes with all speakers, amp, and the Mopar/Infinity or whatever subwoofer, although the subwoofer got damaged. The subwoofer may still work - the damage was to the "feet" that you mount it to the Jeep with, which are removeable parts. They busted loose in the roll. It might also have been...