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  1. Miscellaneous items
    i have had this for a while and really dont want to part with it, but i am moving and it cant come with. so here it goes. i bought it from a friend a while back and dont know a whole lot about it except it works and its warm. asking $200
  2. The Pub
    Where the hell is your Brett Favre avatar you were going to have for life since that one play?
  3. The recycle bin.
    I have to design a research project for my advanced high school. I would like to do something involving automotive things. We have a good deal of technology readily available. I just can't really think of anything. We have to have ''numerical independent variables'' for example if i was testing...
  4. Completed Sales
    Comes with all speakers, amp, and the Mopar/Infinity or whatever subwoofer, although the subwoofer got damaged. The subwoofer may still work - the damage was to the "feet" that you mount it to the Jeep with, which are removeable parts. They busted loose in the roll. It might also have been...
1-5 of 6 Results