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  1. Rig Builds and Pics
    The owners story... NO. I'm not building a damn old school Land Rover. Try to buy those parts at Performance Automotive in backwoods Jackson... worse yet, Grayling. I want (wanted) to build a two-tracking machine that I can drive there, and drive back. With low risk of breaking. And...
  2. Ford Tech
    i know this may be a stupid question but i am new to building 4x4 rigs i have a 351 w and T19 can i bolt a np 203/205 doubler to it i am trying to figure out what transfercase set up i should run and i dont have the money to waste on a atlas i am building a jeep with a ford powertrain...
  3. Dodge Tech
    i was thinking about building my 95 12v cummins h.o, and i was wondering what would be a safe build, because it is my plow/pulling/hauling truck. i want to be able to haul my truck camper still which weighs around 8000 lbs fully loaded. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
1-3 of 3 Results