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  1. Parts for sale
    Buick 455 $300 SOLD I bought this Buick 455 to transplant in my truck. I was told it was a 1972 and had a bit of head work done. The carburetor was off and a engine plate on when I bought it. I slapped the carburetor on and found I had no spark. I headed up to NAPA and bought all expensive...
  2. Completed Sales
    1949 Buick super Classic like roadmaster no motor, trans, or back glass good 455 candidate, 76 Buick 225 rear end installed rolling chassy wheel skirts interior/ exterior chrome and interior all there, needs a lot of body work was told fits right on a suburban chassis Asking 750.00 worth that in...
  3. Completed Sales
    I have a big block buick 455 for sale. the car it was in that was parked because the head gasket blew. this was 4-6 years ago. the car was parked at my friend's house, and belonged to a friend of one of his friends, blah blah blah. the guy came and gave me the title to scrap the car today, and i...
  4. Vehicles for sale
    Posting this for my Dad. Pictures are a bit old but nothing has changed. Located in Middleville, MI 1949 Buick Special no motor, trans, or back glass, 76 Buick rear end installed rolling chassis wheel skirts interior(looks nice)/ exterior chrome all there. Really does not need a lot to be a...
  5. Completed Sales
    Emptied out a couple boxes that contained random spare parts related to the 225-powered 1966 CJ-5 I had. Some of them may not be from the V6, but rather from the 4-cylinder that came out of the Jeep many years ago. This is all I have left from this Jeep. I don't know what all the proper names...
  6. Parts for sale
    Dont really want to let this go... but nothing i have seems to be selling.. Just picked up a 455 Buick has 1975 heads on it, but i have a couple numbers for some guys who have the 1970 heads for it (more HP.. compression ratio). Has a th400 behind it, was said to all be in good working order...
  7. Vehicles for sale
    71 skylark 2 door buick torque monster 350, 350 trans 12 bolt rear end runs and drives great email or call for more info and pics 810 836 4616 michael fs or ft 2500 obo
  8. Completed Sales
    All set up, 225 buick bell machined for the 465 and brand new input retainer. Novak 1" adapter installed for the Dana 18/20. $500 FIRM (SOLD)
1-8 of 8 Results