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  1. Ford Tech
    Edited the title Been along time since I have posted, Been lurking forever... I have a weird problem with my 97 F250 diesel... Went to the east side over last weekend and while there noticed that when I back up and apply the brakes the pedal will get stiffer with every push :confused: After...
  2. General Tech
    I am designing a street legal buggy turns out to pass the inspection I do need a parking break:ffs:. I was not planning on having one just a micro lock that would hold giving me enough time to hook up a winch or restart the truck. Regarding the parking break the description in the statue reads...
  3. Jeep Tech
    I have an 84 CJ7. Need some brakes desparately. I've only taken it to one place and looks like I have no rear drums at all. Pedal pretty much goes all the way down. He also said that the existing from pads are wore out as well as the rotors. Said that I need new flanged rotors, pads and...
  4. Jeep Tech
    Ok, so I replaced my front brake pads, calipers, and now the master cylinder has been replaced and I still have no pedal. The brake pedal is stiff when the Jeep is off but when I turn it on the pedal easily goes to the floor when pushed. What else could be the problem? 2000 Jeep Cherokee
  5. Jeep Tech
    Since purchasing my 1998 Cherokee Classic with a 4.0L and automatic, the brakes have always felt "spongy" and didn't seem to be functioning correctly. I bled all four lines and have never noticed any leaks and never need to add any brake fluid. This past weekend I went to the Mounds and after...
  6. Parts for sale
    Power Brake booster with master Cylinder $75 Proportioning valve $35 *sold* Hydraulic asst. clutch(complete) master cylinder with line, bottom end piston and pedal assy (if needed) $35 YJ steering column with Key (tan) $80 2 windshield washer pumps w/gaskets $5 ea intermittant wiper...
1-6 of 6 Results