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  1. The Pub
    It's fun, and on a bike you just need to wear glasses to protect your eyes...... but can you drive a Jeep on the street with the windshield folded down?
  2. The Pub
    AP GM to stop production at 4 North America factories Tuesday June 3, 8:37 am ET GM to stop production at 4 factories and may announce job cuts before annual meeting WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) -- General Motors said Tuesday it will close four truck and SUV plants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico as...
  3. General Tech
    Replaced tie rod ends last night, and I noticed I have some toe-out going on. Do I want out, in, parallel?
  4. General Tech
    For those running them, whats your experience? Debating on what tires to get for the new heep. My 38.5 SXs are too big for what I want to do. I want to go to a 36-37" tires, back to a 12.5" section width. Just not convinced that the CCs will clean out enough for the kind of stuff we see...
  5. Parts for sale
    In case anyones into building hondas... I have a complete cylinder head from a 1992 Acura integra GS-R with a B17. Its a PR3 head which was also used on B16s. Great for swapping onto a B18a, B18b, or B20b to make an LS/VTEC or CR/VTEC motor. stock camshafts, intake manifold, injectors...
  6. Completed Sales
    Bought these for a project that I decided not to finish. Brand New Never even unwrapped the cellophane from the spring ends. 5" front and rear Trail Gear springs for Toyota pickups. New they are $250 for the fronts and $300 for the rears. $400 FIRM for the pair, can ship on your dime.
  7. General Tech
    Hello to everyone,i am a newbie to the 4x4 seen.i have bought a 52 willys pickup and am starting a build.i don't want an axle that hangs out a mile.right now i am at the point of selecting a front axle but don't know what to use the original is 58" wide.i can use a ford 9" in the rear(i have...
  8. General Tech
    Looking for some real world experience with these systems. Installation, durability, dependability and anything else. I'm totally against pro jection systems but may consider others. The application is for a AMC V-8. Thanks
  9. General Tech
    Im soon going to be upgrading to a twin stick T-case for my TJ and figure that while Im at it install some kind of cutting brake so i can lock up just the back brakes and do front digs if needed. Now ive seen a few different setups and was wanting peoples opinions. First off should i run...
  10. Wanted
    i'm lookin for a 5-spd that will bolt to a 22R motor (not a weak one). and the t-case behind it, i'll take spare t-case's to make a doubler or a full doubler setup. ready to run is preferred but i can rebuild if lookin to get rid of parts cheep. starter would also be great to come with.
  11. Tow rigs and trailers
    I got fantastic gas milage in my truck driving 60mph this weekend. I'm thining about swapping my gears to some 3:55s so I can travel at roughly 70mph at the same RPM at 60mph in the present. It's a diesel so I have the torque and the only think I hall is my Jeep so I'm not really worried...
  12. The Pub
    Report: Son Dismembered Dad After Being Raped Jeremiah Berry Says His Father Wanted Son To Become Wife POSTED: 2:55 pm MDT May 16, 2008 UPDATED: 7:42 pm MDT May 16, 2008 CORTEZ, Colo. -- A 20-year-old man accused of killing and dismembering his father told police that after his father raped...
  13. The Pub
    Just curious why people care and/or feel so strongly about a certain brand? I mean it's not nearly as bad in the offroad world as in other motorsports, but it's still there sometimes.
  14. The Pub
    Anyone having any luck yet? We walked the woods last night and didn't see anything. It was really dry though. Hoping for some rain to get them to pop...
  15. The Pub
    OK, the other thread has me bummed, thinking about bad stuff happening to kids :( So heres a happy thread. My 3 yr old is moving from his old room to a new room, so the new baby can take the old room. So decided to do something different with the room, to make it cool for him. Here's what I...
  16. General Tech
    Curious for those who have plates for their buggies... did you have it done as an assembled vehicle, or are you using a donor vehicle for registration?
  17. Fabrication and body armor
    which is stronger. soon i'm going to be building a new frame for my gokart and would like to know which is stronger. 1" square stock or 1" round pipe? not sure how thick i wanna go yet maybe .125 wall. square is alot easier for me to weld so i'm leaning twards that right now. any input would be...
1-17 of 17 Results