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ac compressor

  1. AC Crompressor/Mounting bracket off of 2000 XJ - GONE

    Completed Sales
    I swapped the AC compressor and it's mounting bracket off of my Cherokee, so the old ones are up for grabs. The AC compressor hasn't been used in a long time, my XJ has an evaporator leak and I'm just not going to fix it. I did try to charge the system 2 years ago and the compressor did work as...
  2. XJ: AC compressor help

    Jeep Tech
    I have a '98 xj and i think the compressor bearings are going out on it. It makes a horrible smell and when the air is turned on it sounds like its going to explode. I really don't care if i keep ac in the jeep, but what do i have to do to get rid of the compressor and still run the belt setup...