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  1. Ford Tech
    id like to mod my 1996 f250 with a 351w in it, im not really sure what i wanna do with it other than remove/bypass emissions crap and put shorty headers on it. so if anyone has some ideas of mods that i can do on a budget id appreciate it!
  2. Ford Tech
    does anyone know the correct fuel filter to use on a 1996 f250?
  3. The Pub
    Hello everyone! I created an account because my curiosity is getting the best of me. I went to my local salvage yard (because that's what all teenagers do) to causally browse and look amongst the cars and trucks that time and their owners have forgotten. During my three hour visit my...
  4. Vehicle Part Outs
    Body is gone. added some new stuff. Dana 30 hp axle with unknown gears, no axle shafts and no brake parts- $30 Dana 35/ rear axle with unknown gears includes axle shafts and shocks- $30 Xj white hood- $15 Front drive shaft, missing one u joint- $25 Rear drive shaft over all good shape- $25 Rear...
  5. Vehicles for sale
    96 Ford F250 7.3L Powerstroke Turbo Diesel rust-free (only 90k miles!) - $7400 OBO Selling my super clean, super tough, well maintained 2wd '96 F250 in Traverse City, MI. 2nd owner (only 1 year) Looking for a smaller 4x4 for long winter commutes. This truck JUST rolled over 90k and has been...