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  1. Wanted
    Looking for a 14 bolt with 4.10 gears and 8/6.5 lug pattern. also looking for a Driver side drop front axle. big hub 44 or 60 that has same lug pattern. will buy as a set or separate. Nothing special as i dont really want to spend a lot of money.
  2. Wanted
    In a perfect world I would find a 14bolt semi float 6 lug with low miles... In holland would be nice too- does anyone have anything?
  3. Vehicles for sale
    Serious inquiries only please. Up for sale is my 93 jeep yj. My wife is having a baby in two months and I must replace this with a larger vehicle. This jeep has a 4.0 ltr engine swap with an ax15 5sp manual and np231j transfer case. 33x12.50 r15 tires with 4.10 gears front and back. Comes with...
  4. Rig Builds and Pics
    I am naming this truck Edith because I have always liked the name. Edith is a 1984 C30 with a 350, 465, and 14 bolt. I know it is not pretty and needs a lot of work. But, it is a good starting point in my book for what I plan on using it for. This thread will basically be a list of upgrades as...
  5. Wanted
    Must be SRW and Full Floater Complete axles preferred 4.10/4.11 gears Working/good condition preferred within 100 miles or less of 48615 8 lug by 6.5 Thanks for reading!
  6. Completed Sales
    I have a 1970 blazer full convertible, 99 vortec 350 w/ LT4 HOTCAM 1.6 roller rockers, 750 edelbrock carb, edelbrock RPM performer AIR GAP intake, FRESH rebuild under 1500 miles. Headers, duel exhaust w/ flow-master super 44s... 14 bolt rear w/disk brakes and a gov-lock, 410 gears front and...
  7. Wanted
    Looking for a Chevy/ GMC rear axle. 8 lug 14 bolt Full FLoater 4.10 or 4.56 gears (doesnt really matter, they will be coming out anyway) Would prefer its from a 94-98 chevy. 10.5 Ring Gear Thanks, Let me know asap..
  8. Axle Tech
    are 14 bolt ff only posi/locker? or are they limited slip or open diff? i am in the market for a 14 bolt ff and do not want to deal with one wheel wonders thanks
  9. Wanted
    looking for 4.56 gear set for GM 14 Bolt 10.5 standerd rotation
  10. Wanted
    Had my ring and pinion blow out in my 10 bolt rear end. I'm looking for either 373 gears just for the rear or 456's for front and rear. Also considering bigger axles like 12 or 14 bolt 6 lug but need to have at least 373's prefer 456 though. It's best to call me since I'm not home much. Cell #...
1-10 of 10 Results