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  1. Wanted
    In a perfect world I would find a 14bolt semi float 6 lug with low miles... In holland would be nice too- does anyone have anything?
  2. Parts for sale
    FORD New rear wheel well bed side repair panel. Fits years 80-86 Ford trucks $25 obo Very nice blue vinyl bench seat out of a 85 F150 No rips, tears, or cracks. $25 obo (no pics I put it in the rafters in the fall and it's a b#$ch to get down) I promise you wont be disappointed with its...
  3. Wanted
    Had my ring and pinion blow out in my 10 bolt rear end. I'm looking for either 373 gears just for the rear or 456's for front and rear. Also considering bigger axles like 12 or 14 bolt 6 lug but need to have at least 373's prefer 456 though. It's best to call me since I'm not home much. Cell #...
  4. Vehicle Part Outs
    I have almost everything on it still it ran when I Parked it last fall. Tired engine $200 Transmission$200 t-case $150 Let me know what you need Thanks, Ken
1-4 of 4 Results