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Well visited the track last week. Wasn't as great of a performance as i had hoped for. Seems i cannot hold the car as well now to launch as i was last year. I upgraded to Mustang rotors and corvette calipers. I'm pushing through the brakes before i can build boost to launch. Last year i could build 2-3psi and launch. Braking feels good coming to a stop and i have good firm pedal. I wonder if going to larger front calipers but not increasing master cylinder size is the cause.

First run, i went to stage and ended up pushing through the beam when i wasnt expecting so my time was terrible.

We turned up the boost, maxed out my controller with the 5psi wastegate spring. Looks like with that spring the controller maxes out at 17psi. What i didnt realize, is that when the controller maxes out and i hit that psi, it defaults to spring pressure. So i hit 17psi and the wastegate opened and didnt close till 5psi. So the car fell on its face during the pull. Which was fine, cause reading the logs its obvious i need more fuel pump at peak load as it was falling short.

You can hear at 48 seconds.

Didn't get another opportunity to run anyway. A guy blew his motor and oil misted 3/4 of the track.
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cool shot a buddy got.

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Hoping to get the two step launch control figured out with the holley and go back after i improving my fuel delivery.

Added a logo light under light underneath that turns on with interior lights.
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